Simply Christmas - My Newest Release

Simply Christmas is a great Christmas Piano Music CD which includes a collection of some of my many favorite Christmas tunes. I feel that the collection is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys holiday music. The collection is arranged in somewhat of a christmas story fashion – beginning with the chant Veni, Veni, Emanuel {O Come, O Come Emanuel} and following the birth of Christ up to Oh Holy Night and concluding with Joy to the World.

I have included on track 9 one of my original compositions entitled "Reflet Dan Tempete Majesteuse, "Reflections of a Majestic Storm" , while not part of the Christmas Story, a beautiful "Debussy like" composition about a winter storm. I thought it was a nice contrast musically to the other selections.

I have included many musical styles in the improvisations which I think gives this Christmas Piano Music CD a beautiful music tapestry feeling. I especially like the improvised country feeling of Go Tell it on the Mountain, certainly a surprise after the first three tracks.

While working on the piano music CD I was inspired by the simple clarity of many holiday melodies and worked very hard in my improvisations to always allow those lines to be heard. This is not an attempt to show off my virtuosity or play as many notes in a measure as humanly possible. This project was to play recognizable christmas melodies that all would enjoy. My hope is that many will enjoy this CD at home entertaining for christmas, as dinner music or even as a quite meditation while relaxing. Once Again – I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season.

Sample Audio Clips

Veni, Veni Emanuel
Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly
Reflets Dan Tempete Majesteuse

Simply Sacred

I am already beginning work on another solo CD entitled "Simply Sacred". Having been a liturgical musician for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to play quite a few melodies that are stunning on their own merit, even without words. I have gathered a collection and am looking forward to recording them in the coming months. I am currently negotiating with a select group of vocalists to help bring a few of the melodies to greater life with lyrics.

In addition, I am researching for the next CD in the series, which will be Simply Classic - I anticipate recording some of the all time favorite classic piano compositions including the second movement of the Beethoven Pathetique and Schumann’s Traumerei. I will also be recording some of my own arrangements including Dvorak’s Largo from the New World, Bach’s Air for the G string any many others.

Keep checking the website for updates and studio shots.

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